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Frequently Asked Questions



What is your ABN?
It is 46 357 683 563.  That's right... we are an Australian owned and operated business, currently based in NSW.

Are these glow sticks safe?
Yes. All of our glow sticks are non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable. But it is advised that some items are not recommended for use by children under age of 3 (or older, see our warning or precautions on different items' packages) as they are small and might be a choking hazard.  As usual, please exercise common sense. Our products are CE certified (customer-shared certificate), and are in compliance with the safety standard of EN71.
How do I make it work?
Just bend, until you hear the vial inside snap, and shake. And it glows.
Is there a danger of being burned, with such intense light?
No, they do not generate heat. They are what is known as "cool light”.
What is in the sticks? How do they work?
Generally, there are two solutions in our glow sticks. One, inside the inner glass capsule, is the solution of hydrogen peroxide, which in another form is used as a typical anti-infective, dissolved in phthalic ester.  The other, surrounding the glass capsule, is a phenyl oxalate ester, along with a fluorescent dye, which determines the glow stick's colour.  When the glow sticks are bent, the two solutions mix, and they light up in a chemical reaction.
Will these sticks glow in the rain, or under water?
As these light sticks are a sealed unit, they can be used in the rain or indeed, underwater.  In fact, they are great for scuba divers, or any water-based activities.
What if I accidentally puncture one of the glow sticks?
No problem. The chemicals in our glow sticks will not cause injury to skin or eyes.
But a temporary discomfort may be felt.  Wash your skin or eyes with clean water thoroughly should any contact occur.
What is the shelf life of your glow sticks?
Our glow sticks come to us fresh from manufacture, and the general shelf life is 18 to 24 months, under normal storage conditions.